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Competent Test Tools and Frameworks for AngularJS

AngularJS is a well-known, open source, web application framework for web applications which need HTML, CSS and JS at the client end. It is considered to be HTML enhanced for web apps and Google is the one maintaining and promoting it. Supporting the web apps with MVC (Model View Controller) makes the developing and testing part both simplified. To declare dynamic views in web apps has always been difficult as against static docs in which HTML is most authentic. Here comes AngularJS which allows extension of HTML vocabulary to handle the dynamic views. Its libraries read the tag attributes and follow them. It is a double way binding which makes it an ideal tool for effectively executing client side web apps.

Tools and Frameworks for AngularJS


·          Karma

This is one of the leading test runners for AngularJS, which exhibits all the major features to ensure perfect testing. Certain features that it displays are Testing on real devices such as phones / tablets etc., controlling the entire workflow from the command line or IDE, describing tests with Jasmine / Mocha and other frameworks, owned by the open source community at GitHub, Google Chrome or WebStorm supporting simplistic approach to debug straight from your IDE and CI (Continuous Integration) with Jenkins, Travis or Semaphore.

·         Angular Mocks

Considered to be a Namespace from ‘angular-mocks.js’ having testing allied code, it gives support to inject and mock Angular services into our unit tests.

·          protractor

A proficient E2E test framework for Angular apps, Protractor is a testing tool which launches the app in a browser and utilizes Selenium to interact with it.

·         Mocha

An enriched JS test framework, Mocha has turned out to be a simplistic and flexible tool which executes on Node.js. With a serial execution, Mocha allows precise and flexible reporting along with exceptions getting mapped to accurate test cases.

·          Bottle

This browser framework can be coupled with any JS testing framework and is a BDD / TDD assertion library for node.js. It hooks onto Mocha and provides access to BDD assertions due to an Assertion library.

·         Browseify

It lets us quickly allot modules of code amongst files by coupling up all dependencies.

·          Lades

A utility library which delivers steadiness, customization and presentation. These features are utilized to extend JS and simplify its working.

·          Otherwise

A standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JS, with minimal dependency – Sinon is compatible with any type of unit testing framework. There is a Stubbing and mocking library. This is utilized to create directive and controller dependencies in unit testing and see if the functions being used are with the right arguments or not.


Definitely one of the most well known frameworks, Angular JS has a full proof share of testing tools to keep it most trustworthy amongst its peers.